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Our Team

The Distillery is led by our Director Nathan Leong. Founding our studio in early 2011, Nathan has a passion for commercial enterprise and creativity, founding Rockstar Memoirs and Trellum after serving as a Consultant for Deloitte. Nathan loves the thrill of turning creative ideas into tangible reality, discovering new paper stocks, and marvelling at the mechanics of old printing presses. Watch an interview by Nathan for the Commsec Entrepreneur Series.

Our Design team have a love for pushing the boundaries of the tangible forms of creativity. We’re as passionate about the process of design, as we are with the concepts and design on paper and screen. What we do best is driving commercial and creatively inspiring projects for organisations and individuals in Sydney. As well as accomplished commercial graphic designers and printmakers, led by Creative Director Daryl Prondoso, our team includes fine artists and painters Ben Toupein, Elise Polito and Justin Scivetti, photographer and videographer Phil Smith, web designer Tom Maitland, and lettering, typography and stationery designers Christine Liong and Nicole Seabrook.

Our Production team combine our cross-discipline passions to produce the tastiest letterpress prints and tangible specialty pieces. We’re in the fortunate position of bringing into the world with our hands, the very best creative ideas. Our production team create relief plates, hand-mix ink, precision cut paper, edge colour, treadle-sew, and operate with perfect precision 1 tonne vintage printing presses in style. Led by Production Leader Elise Polito, team members are Ben Toupein, Daryl Prondoso, Phil Smith, Cecile Michel, Tom ScarcellaJustin Scivetti, and Alissa Sanders.

Our Client Consulting team excel in helping our clients achieve the finest possible outcomes. Focussing on quality, we have a passion for making people happy by delivering successful projects with excellent communication. While we’re nice people, we take greater pride in offering our guidance, telling you what you need to hear for your project to succeed. Our Consultants are as creative as they are commercially minded, and have a broad range of industry experiences in the design, hospitality, fashion and communication industries. Our team are Courtney Linke, Cassandra Shelton, Courtney Dell, and Joanne Krukowski.

Our Operations team help ensure we’re as healthy and happy on the inside, as we are on the outside. Marie Lado is our Chartered Accountant, and also moonlights as a screen-print artist. Arianna Milner is our HR Assistant and also offers production and administration support.

Noftus is our studio dog, a golden retriever currently 28 months old. Please don’t be alarmed if you’re walking past and see him eating paper – it’s 100% cotton. If you’re thinking of visiting, please bring your own dog – we’re a pet friendly space and Noftus loves company.

Finally, we make special mention to former members of our team in our Hall of Fame. We’ll always remember the special people who have helped make us as happy as we are today.

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