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The Distillery Letterpress Printing

Letterpress wedding invitations feature printing into soft, fluffy cotton paper.

With understated elegance, letterpress is the authentic way to set the tone of your wedding.

Visit The Distillery in Darlinghurst with your partner for a stationery consultation.
We’d love to inspire you and show you our old-fashioned way of printing.

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Beautiful, Understated Elegance…

Your wedding invitations are the official announcement of the start of your new lives together. With letterpress stationery, the design, look and feel of your invitations are beautifully crafted to perfectly express your special day.

Together with The Distillery, you can have your stationery custom designed, or select a design from our studio collection, or bring your own design for us to letterpress print.

Custom Designed

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Studio Collection

Designing for Letterpress

Are you designing your own wedding stationery?
Please ensure your artwork is letterpress friendly by following these tips and guides.

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Look & feel samples, select your favourite designs and paper stocks. Have some fun and visit The Distillery in Darlinghurst for your consultation.

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Sample Pack

Order a set of free letterpress wedding stationery samples to help you define the look you want for your wedding.

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