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For Designers

Getting the most out of print and tactility

The Strategy 🧠 →
  • For this project, what is it that a digital screen does not convey?
  • How should the printed piece feel?
  • How do you want your audience to feel?
  • What other items will exist around the piece?
↳ Print considerations
  • What experience do we want to give your audience?
  • What format and size could the piece be?
  • Which paper stocks and colours set the right atmosphere?
The Message 📝 →
  • What is the hierarchy of the message?
  • Can the message be simplified?
  • Is the messaging widely accessible to your audience?
  • Can some of the message be shared on a digital platform?
  • What do the brand values and visual identity guidance suggest?
↳ Print considerations
  • Which print techniques are potentially suitable?
  • How can the messaging be presented with the right tone?
The Call to Action 🎯
  • What exactly do you want your  audience to do?
  • How do you want them to do this?
↳ Print considerations
  • As de-cluttering is cathartic, is the printed piece special enough for your audience to retain, for when the time is right for them to take action?

Exploring possible solutions ...

Print is a real-world thing

Tangibility is there to see, feel and experience. Visit The Distillery in Darlinghurst where we’d love to share:

  • Paper stock library and samples
  • Pantone ink swatches and colour tests
  • Print techniques
  • Prototype your artwork (with advance notice)
  • Hold and review samples from The Distillery’s print library

Feel free to bring your end-client too, and we’ll help you share the benefits of well considered design.

Browse the Project Gallery, or Book a Consultation below

A few trusty tactics – the reliable friends you can always count on:

  • Less is more – Black on white is often enough
  • Thick paper stock – Substance holds strong
  • Natural feel – Humans are drawn to nature. Select uncoated paper stocks. Avoid glossy, shiny and plastic texture.
  • Watch your shape – Much like Helvetica, A5 & 90x55mm dimensions offer a standard, perhaps expected outcome.
  • Deboss is the boss – Subtle or deep letterpress impression offers a refined enhancement. Comic Sans even looks nice with it!

More is more

  • Character – Introduce sone with a subtle natural or felt paper stock texture. Consider Cordenon’s Wild.
  • Foil at volume: 2 – Foil on small typography, or black foil. The subtle volume of light =👌🏻.
  • Foil at coverage:10 + expression: 1 – A large block of foil, expressed in pearlescent white or silver champagne gold =👌🏻.


  • Say no to the arch – No really, it does look like a gravestone. Also, you’re better than all that :)
  • Canva – to save yourself time, we should have a conversation first. Please call us and we’d love to explain why you should avoid.

The Distillery’s Project Service Centre offers resource to help you start and finish on the right foot.

Artwork & Format Guidance
  • Artwork set up
  • Card size guide
  • Wording guide – wedding stationery
Creative Library
  • Paper stock library
  • Colorplan paper – CMYK values
  • Pantone – CMYK conversion guide
  • Foil swatch library
  • Calligraphy style library