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About The Distillery

The Distillery is a creative studio, specialising in crafting brands, stationery, and cultural events.

We’re all about an idea: Heritage soul with modern minds. As craftspeople, we engage this through speciality design and production services.

We specialise in positioning our clients in effective ways, often commercially, but always with soul and meaning. Generating creative ideas and promoting old-fashioned values is what we do best.

As an award-winning, full-service agency of artists and craftspeople, we don’t just dream up the big ideas, we bring them into the world with our own hands too.




As creative professionals with a passion for tactility, we believe that the best ideas start and are lived outside a computer screen. Our creative agency offers branding and design services to a range of commercial clients and individuals. We don’t just design for design sake. Research and strategy is at the heart of everything we do.

As a production studio, we’re one of the world’s leading modern letterpress practices, with a mission to help spread the love of letterpress in Australia, South East Asia, and around the world. We offer letterpress printing, foiling, specialty packaging and laser cutting services to individuals, couples, and organisations who love paper and tangible beauty.

We excel at designing our own, and also printing your-designed personal and corporate stationery, business cards, wedding and event invitations, coasters, tags, specialty packaging and prints.

Our studio in Darlinghurst, Sydney is equipped to offer the finest design and commercial production services. We’re open to the public, so please come and visit usWe’d love to meet you, learn more about your ideas, and help you create something really special.

Proudly Australian

We’re an Australian company, founded in mum’s garage with a beautiful idea, a rescued printing press, and quite literally the smell of an oily rag. Transforming into a business on the Pacific Highway in North Sydney was a huge step, and this turned into a move to Crown Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney where we are today.

We’re quietly proud of our Australian ingenuity, can-do attitude and down-to-earth approach. We believe that yesterday’s heritage plays a tremendous role in shaping tomorrow’s future. On a broader scale, The Distillery’s focus is to help explore, engage and expand Australia’s role as a creative leader around the world. In October 2014, we opened a new studio in Jakarta, Indonesia, from where we will continue our growth into South East Asia. In the medium term, our next expansion will take us into London. We look forward to growing patiently with a passionate team, so please see our Career Opportunities.


Meet some of our team involved in the creative process.



Our lead Consultant, Courtney blends her background in design and wedding photography with years of experience in client service, to help couples navigate the world of stationery.

Favourite pastime: Binge watching netflix
Pantone Colour of choice: Black 7
Party trick: I can wiggle my ears without touching them



Hailing from Tamworth, Lauren swapped out an acoustic guitar to pursue a career in design. Her eyes light up every time she sees the finished pieces come together, and is thrilled when her clients do too.

Favourite pastime: SatC marathons…
Pantone Colour of choice: 324
Party trick: The worm



Jani comes from a background in events and styling – From large corporate events to weddings, she thrives on the excitement of the day, and the satisfied smiles of each guest.

Favourite pastime: Travelling – anywhere and everywhere preferably where it is hot and tropical with cheap food and cocktails.
Pantone Colour of choice: 3245
Party trick: Being able to make friends with the most random people


Designer & Printmaker

Amy is a rare ‘slashie’ – a talent who can seamlessly sketch, design, letterpress print and then photograph a complete stationery suite. She loves using her hands and being a part of every step of the process.

Favourite pastime: Watching Adventure Time
Pantone Colour of choice: 203
Party trick: Dropping things



Born and raised on the Central Coast Nicole holds extraordinary amounts of passion for the wedding industry. She is happily married, and had some pretty amazing wedding invitations to match.

Favourite pastime: Church
Pantone Colour of choice: Rose gold foil
Party trick: Hand lettering on absolutely everything


Designer & Creative Consultant

Studying design at COFA, Cassandra combines her excellent customer service skills, with beautiful illustration and hand lettering. Cassandra loves karaoke and wants to be Beyonce when she grows up.

Favourite pastime: Drinking wine
Pantone Colour of choice: 805U
Party trick: Freestyle rapping


Designer and Printmaker

Haley studied design at Billy Blue, and is a talented designer and printmaker. A gun at lettering and publication design, she has a passion for experimenting with new mediums and ideas.

Favourite pastime: Reading
Pantone Colour of choice: 489
Party trick: ??? (I don’t know…)

Production Leader

Tom’s motto is that your hands are the best tools you can have, and thankfully for us he’s never afraid to get them dirty. When he’s not on the press, he’s playing drums around town with his band The Faults.

Favourite pastime: Spending a Sunday afternoon slow cooking some meat on the webber with a few beers close by.
Pantone Colour of choice: 294
Party trick: I can do an excellent Chewbacca growl


Designer and Printmaker

Phil is a man of many talents — From designing, photography and videography to letterpress printing. He’s most well known in the studio as a Masterchef on the Jaffle iron.

Favourite pastime: Making Jaffles
Pantone Colour of choice: Cool grey 11
Party trick: Juggling



Ben is our studio Dad, providing knowledge and wisdom on every little tidbit of information; from pop culture, film and music to obscure parts, functions and tricks of the printing press.

Favourite pastime: Instagramming my son and pets
Pantone Colour of choice: When blue and yellow overprint
Party trick: Sports



Julian studied design at UWS, and has worked as an illustrator, digital and print designer both in Sydney and London. Jules loves getting his hands dirty and tackles each project with zen-like patience.

Favourite pastime: Listening to music while I draw
Pantone Colour of choice: PMS 1463 otherwise known as Tangerine Tango, I mainly like this colour for its name.
Party trick:  I once lit a girl’s cigarette by striking a match stick on a glass window. It was pretty smooth.


Managing Director

The Distillery is led by our Director Nathan. Founding our studio in early 2011, Nathan has a loves the thrill of turning creative ideas into tangible reality, and marvelling at the mechanics of old printing presses.

Favourite pastime: Getting lost in TV series such as Black Mirror
Pantone Colour of choice: 2985
Party trick: Hi fiving my dog Noftus

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