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Letterpress & Foil Business Cards

The calling card of trust

Letterpress business cards offer you the power to captivate and make a genuine impression.

Printed into thick, fluffy uncoated paper stocks, letterpress business cards provide a confident, tactile and engaging touchpoint – the perfect partner for building new and important relationships.


Representing your brand.
A design like no other.

The design of your business card represents your services as a trusted brand. Create a card that earns you additional consideration. Letterpress has it all – brains, brawn, and good looks.

When designing your card, we recommend conveying key values and ideas of your organisation. With a business card, less is more; well-considered typography and colour choices are accentuated with the features of letterpress impression.

For effective impact, have your letterpress business card designed by The Distillery. As brand and design specialists with a passion for tactility, we have the know-how to position your brand with strength.

Card Packages


Classic black on white – confidence through simplicity.
One side, deep letterpress impression into Wild, Coaster, Box or Buffalo board – with up to 2 design kinds.
250 cards- $380 | 500 cards- $490 | 1,000 cards- $730


Soft fluffy cotton paper – luxury through elegance and touch.
2 colour runs with deep letterpress impression into Crane Lettra or Gmund Cotton – with up to 2 design kinds.
500 cards- $980 | 1,000 cards- $1,480


The power to captivate – cards crafted to impress.
1 foil print + 1 colour run, pressed into duplex Colorplan – with up to 2 design kinds.
500 cards- $1,420 | 1,000 cards- $1,880


Where design comes to life – cards without limitation.
Exciting combinations of digital print, foil, letterpress – The Distillery craft it to reality.
Contact us for a custom quotation.

The power of understated elegance

It’s more about you.

With modesty, confidence and grace, a letterpress business card is your unique calling card. The perfect partner to a warm introduction. Support for future opportunities, and values which resonate success.


Supporting your A-team
– from one to many

Whether they’re cards for several senior leaders, or your entire organisation of 300, The Distillery are geared for quality, speed, and scale.

Featuring quality assurance, streamline ordering, and direct support to your marketing and design teams, The Distillery’s business cards are as practical as they are beautiful.

Learn more about The Distillery’s organisational services, including volume pricing and account support.

Your beautiful contacts list. Offline 24/7.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.
Introducing The Distillery’s Business Card Box – standard with every order*.

*Subject to availability

Paper - it's what design feels like.

Select a paper stock to express the values of your brand with confidence.
Sourced from paper mills around the world, The Distillery are proud to present an exciting range.


Lettra is the premium choice for letterpress business cards. Produced American paper mill Crane & Co, Lettra is tree-free, and made from 100% cotton fibres, recovered from fine textile manufacturing. These fibres are naturally long. and elegantly blend into a subtle grain to form a luxuriously smooth look, and distinct soft and fluffy finish. Colours: Pearl, fluorescent and ecru white. Weights: 600gsm is perfect for business cards. 300gsm is beautifully duplexed onto another stock.


Colorplan is the world’s most exciting paper stock. Available in a brilliant range of 50 colours, Colorplan offers unlimited possibilities for business cards as it is also compatible with letterpress, offset and digital printing. Compared to other coloured paper stocks, Colorplan is soft enough to hold letterpress impression, but still firm enough to make confident impact. Colours: 50. Weights: 270gsm full range, 350gsm selected, with 540gsm & 700gsm duplex capabilities.


Originating from Italy, Wild is named for its unique natural and tactile surface texture. It contains 35% cotton, and combines a softness that holds letterpress impression beautifully on both sides, with a strength and sturdiness that provides confidence. Colour: Neutral Cream Weights: 300gsm, 450gsm


Gmund Cotton 500gsm is a beautiful, 100% cotton stock perfect for letterpress printing. Compared to most thick papers that are made of two sheets glued together, Gmund Cotton is one of the thickest 1 ply sheets on the market, giving it a soft, yet sturdy touch. It is physically thicker than ordinary digital and offset business cards with plastic celloglaze coating; It however feels comparable in hold and strength and does suggest excess bulk like thicker weights can. Colour: Linen Cream Weight: 500gsm


Coaster Board 390gsm was originally manufactured, funnily enough, to serve as drink coasters. Somewhere along the line however, (over a beer) we discovered it was just as good, if not better served as business cards.  Coaster Board is thick and quite strong, but also offers a natural relaxed tone, making it confident yet personable. The 390gsm weight enables deep letterpress impression on one side of the card only, or moderate impression on both sides of the card. Colour: Neutral Cream Weights: 390gsm


With its distinctive and natural look, Buffalo Board will open a world of possibilities for your business cards. Made from natural kraft fibres, one side of the board reveals a distinct rawness of fibres complementary to the smoothly refined reverse-side finish. Buffalo Board is incredibly durable, but holds letterpress impression beautifully. It is also compatible with offset and digital printing techniques, and is the perfect paper to accentuate a sense of natural confidence. Colour: Kraft (Brown) Weight: 332gsm


Box board is a 100% recycled stock, originally suited for cartons, case bounding, packing and backing. Perfect for those seeking a raw look, Box board’s strengths are in its imperfections, with each sheet containing unique visible fibres and speckles. Its thick weight is durable and can hold deep letterpress impression on both sides.   Colour: Unlined (Grey) Weight: 600gsm


Paper mounting is the process of joining separate sheets of paper together. Duplex two, or triplex three. Mounting selected paper stocks together is perfect when looking to add extra thickness, or a punch of solid colour without adding another run of ink. Some examples include black/white, navy/cream, white/red/white, however the combinations are endless.


Vibrant combinations of colour and ink

Foil Stamping

From offering a subtle elegance, to bursting a flashy wow-factor, foiling is the specialty finish for business cards which aim to intrigue. Perfect for extra shine, or to create striking contrast on darker coloured stocks.


Mixed by hand and Pantone® colour-matched to perfection, Van Son rubber based inks display vibrant colour strength, excellent consistency, and ultimate suitability with letterpress papers.

Full Colour

Offset and digitally printed business cards in rich and vibrant full colour. For small or large run sizes, from 1 member of staff to 1000; express your brand in dazzling full colour, on beautiful uncoated paper.



Foil stamping enhances the card with shine and stunning impact. Available in tones of golds, silvers, white and selected colours.

Duplexing is the process of joining two separate sheets of paper together. Add an extra dimension to your card by adding extra thickness, or contrasting colours.


Triplexing is the process of joining three separate sheets of paper together. Mix and match, add extra heavy weight to your card or sandwich an eye catching colour in between.


Die-cutting a shape offers a refined difference to the card. Available as subtle rounded corners, or a completely custom shape.


A stunning extra dimension to the cards. Side edges of the card are gilded with foil. Available in tones of golds, silvers and selected colours.


A captivating extra dimension to the business card. Side edges of the card are coloured with a custom colour, complementing or contrasting the front design.


Combine vintage production techniques with new technology. Embedded in each card is a microchip that can affect an NFC compatible smartphone when touched. Link to online content or program new ways to interact.


Letterpress printing pushes into the paper (a ‘deboss’).   Embossing requires male and female printing plates, and pushes the artwork out of the paper, creating a sophisticated and striking tactile effect. Available on selected stocks.


Crafted in Darlinghurst, Sydney

The Distillery is Australia’s largest letterpress studio, and we take pride in sharing our passion for craft. As a team of local artists, designers and craftspeople who thrive on personal service, we don’t just dream up beautiful stationery ideas, we bring them into the world with our own hands too.

You’re invited to visit us in Darlinghurst, and if you wish, watch the first pull of your stationery. There’s no better way to experience the process, than seeing your business cards hot off the press.

Visit us at 115 Crown Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney.