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MAKER – Traineeship

  • Using your hands to craft
  • New technology
  • Attention to detail
  • Working in teams

  • Creative tactility, outside a screen
  • Joining an inspired team
  • Building your career with patience
  • Being really good

  • Maker – Production Team
  • 4-5 days/week
  • Traineeship > beyond
  • Darlinghurst, Sydney open-plan workshop studio

What is a Maker?

At The Distillery, we design and produce creative projects to bring ideas to life, and maximise the beauty of human connection.

A Maker is a hands-on member of our Production Team, responsible for luxuriously crafting a variety of creative projects through means such as printing, constructing, cutting, mixing, etching, mounting, painting, casting, moulding and manufacturing.

Thinking conceptually, a Maker applies design principles and utilises their problem solving, trouble-shooting and hand-based skills to produce projects which end with noticeable “…oh Wow!” moments.

While the future is digital, we believe it is more than just an image on a screen. A Maker is a holistically-skilled craftsperson who brings creativity alive with sight, touch and experience.


What’s it like working at The Distillery?

The Distillery is a fast paced, tightly integrated team-based environment. Together each day, we push the boundaries and transform the highly necessary, little-experimental-failures into great strides forward. To feel at home, you must be comfortable with this formula of creativity.

We offer the thrilling environment of a start-up company, with the stability of a progressive organisation. We recruit people who care greatly about what they do, and share high levels of self-initiative.

How would I grow?

Switched on, positively inspired and loaded with initiative, each of us grows through patience to become a ‘slashie’ – a creative professional who is a ‘specialised generalist’; offering key areas of expertise alongside a wide breadth of creative and commercial skill.

Training and Employment

You must be available between 4 to 5 days per week, Monday to Friday. During your 12 week probationary period, you will be employed under the Graphic Arts, Printing and Publishing Award, commencing at Level 1.

While a design degree is helpful, being good with and passionate about those aspects above, are the most important qualities.

Employment Benefits

In addition to your salary, superannuation and leave entitlements, with approval you will also be eligible for resources and equipment for your own personal projects.

Most importantly, The Distillery has a friendly, go-getting positive culture, and we are all driven by happiness and success in the evolving creative industry. This often turns the idea of ‘going to work’ into having an enjoyable day in Darlinghurst.

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