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Share the story of Design

Help us celebrate the craft of authenticity through photography and videography.

Nurture your Skills

Further develop your Lightroom, Premiere, and motion design skills within a leading design team.

Part Time & Contract Opportunities

Stable and flexible arrangements from our Darlinghurst studio.

clarence street mural

The Distillery is an award winning, creative design and production studio headquartered in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

We champion the power of authenticity to craft projects with a spark of life. Through photography and videography we share creative ideas and project outcomes to express the beautiful story of design.

Help us capture the beauty of our

  • luxuriously printed invitation suites
  • brand identity
  • murals and branded environments
  • hand-lettering and calligraphy

Click! – are we a match?

We’re seeking a semi-established Photo-Videographer who can help us take it to the next level. Someone who is passionate for success, open-minded, communicates effectively and thrives working together in a design team.

With flexibility of 1-3 days per week, this could be the ideal position to complement your freelance projects. You’ll need to be competent with:

  1. Photography – ISO, shutter, exposure, aperture
  2. Videography – short-story telling, screen ratios
  3. Lighting – setup, adjustment
  4. Audio – capture, edit
  5. High level editing – Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere

Skills, experience or the ability to dabble with After Effects is also helpful.


Strategic in approach and process driven in manner, you’ll be working with Designers and Creative Consultants to produce beautifully engaging media.

Process Methodology
Strategy > Styling > Shooting > Editing > Publishing

We believe that suitable candidates will be able to solve a variety of unique problems on the fly, while adopting a healthy attitude of continuous growth, and keen sense of humour!


The Distillery Culture

As a multi-disciplinary creative production studio, The Distillery’s culture is driven by high levels of teamwork, communication and attention to detail. We’re healthily obsessed with experimentation, utilising process and our inner-passion to exceed project expectations.

We are fortunate to work with some of the world’s leading brands who value creativity as a commercial competitive advantage. Driven by the ethos that the needs of projects come first, we realise that we’re only fortunate enough to work with our craft if we’re the very best at what we do!

Outside of work we’re into pop-culture, design and film, so be prepared to share a list of your favourite films and why you love them :)

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