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Printmaking – Traineeship

You’re excited by…

  • Printmaking – ink and foil
  • Craft – modern and future focussed
  • Working in a leading creative studio

You’re great with…

  • Problem solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Mental resilience

This opportunity is…

  • 4 to 5 days/week, from our Darlinghurst studio
  • A traineeship > potential permanent employment
  • Open until Thu, 29 Oct 2020

Printmaking – creative and real

At The Distillery, we design and craft spectacular creative projects – specialising in luxurious foil and letterpress printing.

The Printmaking Team at The Distillery is our creatively inspired, multi-disciplinary production unit, responsible for crafting print media which feels modern, inspired and uniquely fresh for 2020.

In a digitised world, we believe that creativity is best seen, felt and experienced, and harness the power of tactility, craft and specialty print to inspire imagination and new possibilities.

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Forge your skills

The Printmaking Traineeship is designed to offer you commercial craft-production skills, serving as a solid launch pad for your career as a creative professional. During the traineeship, you will be trained in core printmaking activities including paper stocks, inks, foils, plates, dies, craft process, equipment and effective teamwork.

Drawing on your problem-solving and hand-based skills, you will work towards learning to foil and letterpress print using beautiful Heidelberg platens and large format proofing presses.

This program is truly a one of a kind – especially in 2020, and each year we are fortunate to be inundated with applicants. With this in mind, we wanted to share some perspective of successful program graduates. The traineeship is not an avenue for you to tick a box, or move onto something new, again. It’s also not a three month hurrah, or an escape from a bad patch of freelancing or non-creative employment . It’s a serious multi-year decision, to invest your career direction towards the trade of print and creativity.

What’s it like working at The Distillery?

Our studio is a fast paced, supportive team-based environment. Together, we push the boundaries and transform the highly necessary, little-experimental-failures into great strides forward. To feel at home, you must be comfortable with this formula of creativity. It’s bruising at times, but we’re all in this together.

We offer the thrilling environment of a start-up company, with the stability of a progressive award-winning creative studio. We recruit people who are highly driven, care greatly about what they do, and share high levels of self-initiative.


Training and Employment

You must be available between 4 to 5 days per M-F week. During the 12-18 week duration, you will be employed under the Graphic Arts, Printing and Publishing Award.

While a design or printmaking degree is helpful, no prior experience is necessary. Upon successful completion of the traineeship, we aim to offer trainees permanent employment to join our team, offering even more creative opportunities.

Skills and Suitability

The craft of printmaking is a beautiful process and while it sounds highly romantic, the commercial trade is often filled with challenges. We’re seeking candidates with

  • Initiative
  • Maturity and mental resilience
  • High levels of resilience – grit
  • Problem-solving skills
  • The ability to work closely with colleagues
  • Strength to lift a 10kg chase


Employment Benefits

In addition to your salary, superannuation and leave entitlements, with approval you will also be eligible for resources and equipment for your own personal projects.

Most importantly, The Distillery has a friendly, go-getting positive culture, and we are all driven by happiness and success in the evolving creative industry. This often turns the idea of ‘going to work’ into having an enjoyable day in Darlinghurst.

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