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Bridge St Garage

In 2013 restaurateur Oscar Gorosito approached us with an idea for a new restaurant, to be built in an old garage within a historic section of Sydney’s CBD. Bridge St Garage brings together a mutual love of fast cars, American comfort food and Gorosito’s own Argentinean background. A key step in realising the vision for the restaurant was to establish a soulful and authentic brand and visual identity. We explored the identity, evoking influences from the 50s and 60s era of Americana, particularly greaser-culture, muscle cars, film and rock and roll and investigated how these things influenced the dawn of fast food culture.

We also found inspiration in Argentinean driver Juan Manuel Fangio, one of the fastest racers of all time. We applied the slick visual identity throughout the restaurant, from the hand drawn logotype, to stationery, laser engraved menus, sign painting, neon signage, hand painted wall murals, chalk drawings as well as the website. We quickly helped position The Garage as a unique space in the CBD, providing a distinctive atmosphere for fun and casual, yet sophisticated, dining.

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