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Live at The Distillery

In November 2012 the studio held the inaugural ‘Live at the Distillery’ event. Live music was combined with talks by leading designers and creative practitioners from Sydney. The letterpress-printed invitation we produced mimics the shape of an old vinyl record and was particularly inspired by the psychedelic picture discs popular in the 1960s, that were often coupled with elaborately decorated sleeves.

Like the vinyl record, the letterpress print is a tactile and tangible mode of production. We wanted to draw a discrete connection between the two (near obsolete) processes. The paper record featured a two colour half-tone design and was letterpress-printed on 600gsm cotton rag. Letterpress impression allowed us to exaggerate the circular grooves of the record. A die-cut sleeve was also printed with a red-purple-blue gradient on 300gsm cotton rag.

DST-Case-Studies-LATD-102 DST-Case-Studies-LATD-91 DST-Case-Studies-LATD-8 DST-Case-Studies-LATD-4 DST-Case-Studies-LATD-3 DST-Case-Studies-LATD-2


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