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Check + Upload your artwork for printing

For your design to come to life as intended, artwork must be accurately configured as a print-ready PDF.

Please telephone us on 02 9360 9958 for support.

Within InDesign / Illustrator

Colour Swatches

Set each print process as separate Spot colour swatches.

  • Set Color Type: Spot for all letterpress ink, foil, emboss and die-line swatches.
  • No Tint % values. Use 100% tint only

For [Black], use K=100 only

  • No rich black
  • No [Registration]

Paper Colour

  • Do not draw background colour if the paper stock is coloured. Please leave as white.
  • Supply paper stock instructions separately


  • Create Outlines of all fonts

Separate Pages / Artboards

Duplicate then separate each process independently on each page / artboard. Example:

  • Page 1 = Preview of all processes shown together
  • Page 2 = Letterpress ink #1 only
  • Page 3 = Letterpress ink #2 only
  • Page 4 = Foil #1 only
  • Page 5 = Die-line only

Exporting / Saving the PDF

  • Crop Marks only (InDesign)
  • Trim Marks only (Illustrator)
  • 3mm bleed

Upload your print-ready PDF

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