About Us

The Distillery Letterpress Printing


We are a design studio, specialising in crafting brands, stationery, and cultural events.

The Distillery is all about an idea: Heritage soul with modern minds. As craftspeople, we engage this through speciality design and production services.

We specialise in positioning our clients in effective ways, often commercially, but always with soul and meaning. Generating creative ideas and promoting old-fashioned values is what we do best.

As an award-winning, full-service agency of artists and craftspeople, The Distillery don’t just dream up the big ideas, we bring them into the world with our own hands too.

As creative professionals with a passion for tactility, we believe that the best ideas start and are lived outside a computer screen. Our creative agency offers branding and design services to a range of commercial clients and individuals. We don’t just design for design sake. Research and strategy is at the heart of everything we do.

As a production studio, we’re one of the world’s leading modern letterpress practices, with a mission to help spread the love of letterpress in Australia and around the world. We offer letterpress printing, foiling, specialty packaging and laser cutting services to individuals, couples, and organisations who love paper and tangible beauty.

We excel at designing our own, and also printing your-designed personal and corporate stationery, business cards, wedding and event invitations, coasters, tags, specialty packaging and prints.

Our studio in Darlinghurst, Sydney is equipped to offer the finest design and commercial production services. We’re open to the public, so please come and visit usWe’d love to meet you, learn more about your ideas, and help you create something really special.


As an Australian company, we’re proud of our creativity, can-do attitude and down to earth approach. We believe that yesterday’s heritage plays a tremendous role in shaping tomorrow’s future. On a broader scale, The Distillery’s focus is to help explore, engage and expand Australia’s role as a creative leader around the world. In October 2014, The Distillery opened a new studio in Jakarta, Indonesia, from where we will continue our growth into South East Asia.

Our Team

In Sydney, our team is led by our General Manager Elise Polito, Creative Director Daryl Prondoso, and Founder & Managing Director Nathan Leong.

Our team members comprise of award-winning illustrators, printmakers, digital designers, and marketing consultants who are driven by a common set of beliefs:

  1. The success of the project always comes first
  2. Being passionate to the very best in our areas of specialty
  3. Bringing creative ideas into the world with our own hands

If you’re interested in joining us, please see our career opportunities.

Heritage soul with modern minds