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About Celebrations

Announce your wedding day with modern and understated elegance. The Distillery believe in creative expression to connect and excite your family and friends.

Specialising in letterpress, foil printing, calligraphy and cotton paper stocks, our stationery is designed, printed and crafted in Darlinghurst, Sydney. Since 2011, we’ve helped thousands of couples announce and celebrate the start of their new lives together.

A premiere design studio trusted by major luxury brands and boutiques, we take pride in producing your wedding invitations, menus and signage with soul, authenticity and meaning.

Visit our studio at 115 Crown Street with your partner – we’d love to meet you, learn more about your ideas, and help you create something special.


At The Distillery, we’re a team of designers, stylists and craftspeople passionate about paper, craft and letterpress printmaking.

As creative professionals with a passion for tactility, we adopt the approach heritage soul with modern minds. Through design which can be seen, felt, and experienced, we focus on positioning our clients in effective ways, both personally and commercially, and always with soul and meaning.

As a production studio, we’re one of the world’s leading letterpress practices, with a mission to help spread the love of letterpress in Australia and around the world.

Our team comprise of award-winning illustrators, printmakers, digital designers, and consultants who are driven by a common set of beliefs:

  • The success of the project always comes first
  • Passion, excellence and doing better
  • Crafting creative ideas into the world with our own hands

Meet the makers

At The Distillery, helping you express your wedding day is our passion.

Meet some of our team involved in the creative process.


Creative Consultant

Our lead Consultant, Courtney blends her background in design and wedding photography with years of experience in client service, to help couples navigate the world of stationery.

Favourite pastime: Binge watching Netflix.
Pantone colour of choice: Black 7
Party trick: I can wiggle my ears without touching them.


With a penchant for blending the analytical with the artistic, Yasmin studied design at Billy Blue and loves going the extra mile for clients to ensure all projects run smoothly from start to finish.

Favourite pastime: Naps – anywhere, anytime.
Pantone colour of choice: Blue 072
Party trick: Finding the nearest pet and hugging it.


Designer, Calligrapher, Printmaker

Amy is a slashie – a talent who can seamlessly sketch, design, letter, letterpress print and then photograph a complete stationery suite. She loves using her hands and being a part of every step of the process.

Favourite pastime: Watching Adventure Time.
Pantone colour of choice: 203
Party trick: Dropping things.


Designer & Creative Consultant

Studying design at COFA, Cassandra combines her excellent customer service skills, with beautiful illustration and hand lettering. Cassandra loves karaoke and wants to be Beyonce when she grows up.

Favourite pastime: Drinking wine.
Pantone colour of choice: 805
Party trick: Freestyle rapping.


Designer & Printmaker

Haley studied design at Billy Blue, and is a talented designer and printmaker. A gun at lettering and publication design, she has a passion for experimenting with new mediums and ideas.

Favourite pastime: Reading.
Pantone colour of choice: 489
Party trick: ??? (I don’t know…)


James studied design at CATC and has a knack for mastering all aspects of production in the studio, not to mention ensuring no project gets left behind.

Favourite pastime: Anything to do with cars and fixing things.
Pantone colour of choice: 7480
Party trick: Talking about cars.


Production Leader

Tom’s motto is that your hands are the best tools you can have, and thankfully for us he’s never afraid to get them dirty. When he’s not on the press, he’s playing drums around town with his band The Faults.

Favourite pastime: Spending a Sunday afternoon slow cooking some meat on the webber with a few beers close by.
Pantone colour of choice: 294
Party trick: I can do an excellent Chewbacca growl.


Senior Printmaker

Julian studied design at UWS, and has worked as an illustrator, digital and print designer both in Sydney and London. Jules loves getting his hands dirty and tackles each project with zen-like patience.

Favourite pastime: Listening to music while I draw.
Pantone colour of choice: PMS 1463, otherwise known as Tangerine Tango, I mainly like this colour for its name.
Party trick:  I once lit a girl’s cigarette by striking a match stick on a glass window. It was pretty smooth.


Founder & Managing Director

The Distillery is led by our Director Nathan. Founding our studio in early 2011, Nathan was married in 2016, and found lots of pressure with the expectations of his own invitations. Alas, we arrived at Numbaa.

Favourite pastime: Getting lost in TV series such as Black Mirror.
Pantone colour of choice: 2985
Party trick: Not going red when drinking (hey…big deal for my lineage!).