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About The Distillery

Helping you express the style of your wedding day

The Distillery believe there are some things in life which deserve a proper announcement. The biggest party of your life is certainly one of them!

Since 2010, we have shared our creative services to over 2,700 couples celebrating their wedding day. An established studio with an award-winning team, we excel at helping couples express the style of their wedding day.

We are designers who have taken the time to learn traditional letterpress printing. Designing and producing from our Darlinghurst studio, and bringing your stationery to life with our own hands is our passion.

Our difference
  • A commercial studio of creative professionals
  • Personal service, friendly support
  • Designed and produced here in Darlinghurst, Sydney
We’d love to meet you, learn more about your plans and help you create something special.
Your moment

Letterpress wedding invitations offer you the ability to create something special:

  • meaningful – with permanency
  • personal – not mass produced
  • elegant – and on point
  • uncoated and tactile – not glossy nor shiny

The beauty of letterpress

Vibrant ink colours, beautifully tactile embossing, striking metallic foils and thick fluffy uncoated paper stocks – we love sharing the beauty of letterpress printing.

This grand old way of vintage printing still exists today because back in the day, equipment was built to last! The impressional power and accuracy required for letterpress is only possible with reliable slow German Heidelberg machinery.

The Distillery started with the rescue of a 1959 Heidelberg letterpress platen from the liquidation of a large printer. Over the years we’ve re-homed many of these stubborn machines. Often left sitting in the corner unused, we’ve greased away the dust and rust and kept the flywheels turning. With care, these great presses should live much longer than us all!

Experience Letterpress

We invite you to visit our studio in Darlinghurst to see, feel and experience letterpress. Consider enrolling in one of our creative workshops to learn more!