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‘If’ is a wonderful insight into the mind and imagination of a young boy. Rudyard Kipling’s original poem ‘If’ is a tribute to many of humankind’s greatest virtues and is one of Britain’s most popular poems. It was re-imagined by Orson, then aged 8 – who almost dismissively, dropped a booklet he had secretly illustrated into his fathers hands. A reflection of his own inquisitive and creative nature, Orson’s story asks ‘If cats could sing’ and ‘If rats were hair’. It’s a window into the innocence and uncomplicated outlook of youth.

4 years later, Orson’s father approached us to reinterpret the story for him to create as a keepsake, and we jumped at the opportunity to bring out our inner-big-kid. We re-imagined Orson’s original drawings and story into a fully illustrated picture book, as well as a hand pulled 3 colour letterpress printed poster. Our aim was to keep as much of the story’s essence, while giving the illustrations a new life.


IF-framed IF-studio-shots-1 IF-studio-shots-2 IF-studio-shots-3 IF-studio-shots-4 IF-studio-shots-5 IF-studio-shots-6 IF-studio-shots-7 IF-studio-shots-8

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