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King & Kween

King & Kween is a new range of organic beauty products, developed for the fashionably-elite and health inspired lifestyle market. Connecting with modern men and women who value style, elegance, social influence and success, the King & Kween brand aims to be both luxurious and aspirational.

King & Kween products promote a healthy successful lifestyle, projecting an innate design to be displayed naturally and proudly within the home.

The Distillery were approached by the King & Kween team to create a new visual identity system. A simple yet bold word mark was created, revolving around a customised ampersand mark. The Distillery emphasised natural textures, from water, marble and sands, combined with copper and gold foil highlights to convey a feeling that is both luxurious and natural.

These elements were implemented throughout letterpress printed stationery, packaging and online.


King&Kween-G King&Kween-Stationery-1

King&Kween-01 King&Kween-02 King&Kween-03 King&Kween-04 King&Kween-05 King&Kween-07 King&Kween-08 King&Kween-09


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