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Print Deeper

Smashing it since 1927

Traditional letterpress printing utilised wood or metal based moveable type to create a relief based print. Generally, the printmaker’s aim was to gently transfer ink from the moveable type, onto the paper. This is known as a ‘kiss print’. Any impression or bite into the page was deemed a sign of bad printing, and could easily damage the type.

Modern letterpress, with the help of photopolymer printing plates, allows for deep impression into the page. This gives letterpress printing a beautiful tactility that can’t be produced with any other form of printing. At The Distillery, we like to push the limits of our presses, by printing pieces as deep as possible. These tags were printed using two overprinting colours and a custom die cut on super thick Wild 850gsm stock.

PrintDeeper-5PrintDeeper-1 PrintDeeper-2PrintDeeper-4PrintDeeper-7

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