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The Avenue

The Avenue is a hairdressing salon based in San Souci, NSW. The salon offers premium services including hair styling, spa and beauty treatments and make up. The offering is broad and high-end, offering its clientele a complete and indulgent experience.

In late September 2016, The Avenue has changed its ownership, interiors and services. During this transition, The Distillery embarked on a program to reposition and rebrand the salon, with a goal to increase the maximise the new brand’s appeal as an industry leader in the area and surrounding suburbs.

The visual identity is centred around unique logo mark – a contemporary ‘A’ which represents that angles of a haircut. This shape is further explored and expanded into a range of patterning and photographic treatments. Ambitious and style-driven, the campaign to reposition The Avenue included the development of supporting brand collateral –  including flyers, price lists, appointment cards and packaging.

Feminine blush tones are paired with rose gold accents, reflecting the luxurious and indulgent lifestyle that The Avenue and its services convey. The new brand is sleek, modern and high-end.

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