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The Learning Community

The Learning Community is an RTO and marketing consultancy that helps individuals, business and non-profits achieve a more effective and sustainable way of operating. They help individuals and businesses reach their potential and achieve their business goals through organisational improvement and professional development as well offering assistance with branding and marketing. With 10 years of experience, working mostly from word of mouth, The Learning Community was looking to expand its reach and required a new visual identity and branding system. The new system, which includes a variety of sub-brands, was conceived of as a holistic umbrella brand identity that could work across a number of platforms in print and web.

The developed identity needed to be inspiring and imaginative but also hospitable and playful. We designed a custom hand-drawn logotype that is both friendly and professional. Choosing to work with hand-drawn typography, we emphasized the ‘hands on’ approach of TLC. The logo mark, a cluster of bubbles that coalesce into a single form, evokes the principles of collaboration, growth and personal improvement and is adaptable to different applications over time to accompany the letterpress printed stationery, templates and website we produced.


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