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Vicki Uriarte

Vicki is a caterer whose vivacious personality matches the food that she plates up. With years of cooking and catering experience, Vicki wanted to take the next step in her career by starting her own company. She approached us to create a versatile brand for her new venture, the ‘Urban Cooking Collective’. Vicki needed a brand that was professional to suite her corporate clientele, but also playful enough to represent her food, and her as a person.

We combined sleek typography with an evolving brand mark, making use of Uriarte’s arsenal of kitchen tools to create a design that incorporated a ‘V’ (for Vicki) and a cityscape. The brand mark displays a different set of utensils each time, showing that no two meals of hers are the same. Using the toolset, we created a set of patterns, which we then applied to a suite of letterpress printed stationery.


DST-Case-Studies-VIcki-Uriarte-1 DST-Case-Studies-VIcki-Uriarte-2 DST-Case-Studies-VIcki-Uriarte-3 DST-Case-Studies-VIcki-Uriarte-4 DST-Case-Studies-Vicki-Uriarte-Food-2 DST-Case-Studies-Vicki-Uriarte-Food-3 DST-Case-Studies-Vicki-Uriarte-Food-4 DST-Case-Studies-Vicki-Uriarte-Food-6DST-Case-Studies-Vicki-Uriarte-WEB

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