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Wendigo is new film and video production agency – Providing a full service from creative development to production and post, Wendigo’s work combines incredible ideas with even better execution. A Wendigo is a mythical half-beast creature who were once humans, but after being forced to eat human flesh to survive, they become supernatural monsters that retain little human features they once possessed. After their transformation, they begin to crave human flesh and feed solely on it. In this instance, Wendigo is a beast that feeds on creativity.


The Distillery were approached by the Wendigo team to create a new identity for them. A premium, dark and mysterious, brand was created, revolving around a mark depicting the wendigo’s antlers in the shape of a ‘W’. The Distillery utilised dark paper stocks with copper foil to give the illusion of a mysterious glow in the forest and combined it with illustration and hand type, evoking ideas of vintage camera obscuras and wunderkammers. These elements were implemented throughout printed stationery and online.






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