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Letterpress business cards are like no other.

Printed into thick, fluffy uncoated paper stocks, letterpress business cards offer a unique, tactile and classic feel.

Confidence is beautiful thing. Letterpress combined with thoughtful design, give your cards the power to captivate and make a genuine impression.

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Representing You. A Connection like no other.

The design of your business card represents your services as a trusted brand. Create a card that earns you additional consideration. Letterpress has it all – brains, brawn, and good looks.

When designing your card, focus on typography and elements which optimise a simple colour palette, considers information hierarchy, and accentuates the features of letterpress print impression. Less is often more.

Letterpress business cards create a connection like no other.

Choose the perfect paper stock from a variety of imported, thick premium letterpress papers. For that special touch, customise specialty finishing options such as edge colouring, to truly personalise your unique calling card.

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Designing for Letterpress

Are you designing your own business cards?
Please ensure your artwork is letterpress friendly by following these tips and guides.

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The Distillery offers a range of fast, quality letterpress printing services for business cards.

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Order a set of free letterpress business card and paper samples to help you decide on your look.

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