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Wedding invitation wording can be one of the early and tricky aspects with your preparations. From speaking with brides-to-be, we find that it is perfectly normal to feel a little confused about where to start, which traditions to follow, and how to follow them.

Thankfully, the best thing to know is that there is no single correct way to word stationery! It simply comes down to your personal preference and the tone in which you wish to express your wedding day. Stationery wording and etiquette from past traditions best serve as helpful guidance.

Invitation Wording

Stationery Timing

Working with The Distillery

If your wedding stationery is being designed by The Distillery, we recommend planning for 6 weeks from the time you wish to send your stationery to your guests.

The design process usually takes 2 to 3 weeks, and involves a round of design concepts, review, adjustments and corrections.

The Distillery are proud to be one of the fastest turnaround letterpress studios in the world, and the production process takes approximately 2 weeks.

Save the Date card

Save The Date cards serve well as courtesy notice for your wedding day planned in the near-distant future. They are usually sent anywhere between 6 to 12 months before the wedding date.

Most couples send Save the Dates as soon as a date and venue is confirmed. While they are a popular optional piece of stationery, it is quite common for Save The Dates to be sent for destination weddings, allowing guests abroad ample time to to plan flights and accommodation.

The Wedding Invitation

Your Wedding Invitation serves as the official announcement of the start of your new lives together. Invitations are usually sent 2 to 3 months before the wedding date.

If a Save The Date card or prior notice has been sent, there is a little more flexibility when sending the invitation.

RSVP card

RSVP cards offer your guests formal response of attendance to your wedding day. They are usually sent at the same time as the Wedding Invitation, 2 to 3 months before the wedding date.

Thank you card

Thank you cards can be sent immediately following the wedding day, or after return from the honeymoon.

It is recommended you keep a list of your wedding gifts received, so receipt can be mentioned in the Thank you cards.

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