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Bowery Lane

Combining rustic charm with shared, farm fresh food and delicious cocktails; the Bowery Lane concept was born. Bowery Lane is based on ‘The Bowery’, which is the oldest thoroughfare on Manhattan Island. Named in the latter 17th century by Dutch settlers as Bouwerij Road, (an early Dutch word for farm), it connected farmlands and estates on the outskirts to the heart of the city in today’s Wall Street and Battery Park area. ‘Bowery Lane’ was the street’s name until 1807. The Distillery worked closely with Gensler, who developed the architecture, interiors and logo mark.

The visual identity was expanded by creating a family of illustrations in a style that evoked The Bowery’s farm history. We employed a sketchy style of illustration, influenced by etchings in early news prints. We created a complete style guide that utilises an adaptable, modular grid system, combining the illustrations with sleek, modern typography. We designed and produced a full suite of letterpress printed stationery, lasercut menu boards, packaging, a fully responsive website and even a temporary mural.



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