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nel. is a Sydney restaurant which dishes up exciting combinations of innovation, flavour and surprise. Inspired by memories of childhood, the menu at nel. demonstrates incredible technique while retaining a homely and accessible quality.

Spearheading the nel. kitchen is chef Nelly Robinson, celebrated for his contemporary interpretations of modern Australian dishes.

The Distillery were approached by nel. to assist in bringing their restaurant to life on screen.

The challenge: After experiencing nel., The Distillery found that contrary to the innovative food, personality and experience, nel.’s original website was missing warmth and personality. The website was selling the nel. experience short.

The solution: By hosting collaborative workshops, we identified that the new website should feel more welcoming and portray Nelly and his space more effectively.

The Distillery designed and developed a new responsive website, featuring full screen videos and a large focus on imagery, illustration and texture. The website was built with a user-friendly system to allow nel. staff to update menus and blog posts with ease.

Telling a story: To help set the tone of the website, feature videos were directed, filmed and edited by The Distillery. These videos feature abstract imagery and on-location story-telling to help invoke curiosity to an audience with a building appetite.



The Distillery directed and filmed two videos for the website – a looping textural, and a longer-form short-story.







Branded Stationery

Business cards and coasters were designed and produced by The Distillery.



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