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Meva is a new company based in Vietnam. Their first two products being Meva Mart, and Meva Baby.

Meva Mart is an online store that provides users with quality, authentic FMCG such as personal care items, nappies, baby formula, and health supplements from developed markets and brands.

Meva Baby is a new baby management app which provides new parents with the means to record growth information, and understand more about how to care for their child.

The Distillery were approached to create a new brand and identity system for Meva and its sub brands.

The Distillery created a logo mark, based on the Vietnamese meaning of ‘Me’ and ‘Va’; ‘Mother’ ‘And’. The custom mark takes the shape of an easily recognisable ‘M’, a love heart, and a nurturing embrace. The mark itself is warm and inviting, yet bold and sturdy.

The logo is paired with a custom hand drawn wordmark, and an illustrative pattern system. The identity was implemented throughout print and digital stationery, web and a series of app icons.






Meva-Stationery-MockupMeva-BCD-mockup-1 Meva-BCD-mockup-2


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