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MJ Group

MJ Group is a new boutique real estate company led by Michael Green. MJ Group aims to rival industry leaders by providing a unique customer experience that differs to the traditionally corporate real estate industry, by providing an experience that is tech and innovation driven, yet contains soul, character and a personal touch.

MJ Group aims to connect to the contemporary consumer, primarily younger professionals and families who value style, influence and success, as well as more senior and experienced property buyers. Those looking to purchase real estate often are purchasing a lifestyle, therefore the developed brand and identity should be one that is aspirational, knowledgable and trustworthy.

The Distillery were approached to assist in positioning MJ Group as a leading boutique real estate agency, initially in the north west of Sydney and moving towards Sydney Metro and Brisbane.

A holistic strategy was considered, including brand positioning and development of supporting collateral such as stationery, flyers, mailouts, sign boards and a web presence.

A custom monogram was developed, based off the initials ‘MJ’, resembling a modernised version of a seal of approval. This mark was paired with both serif and sans serif typefaces, combining a classic and trustworthy experience, with a contemporary approach to real estate.










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