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SproutStack is a new business venture in the urban farming space. The business combines technology with agriculture, where fresh produce is grown out of vertical hydroponic farms in upcycled shipping containers. The shipping containers feature climate-controlled, high-density vegetable and herb production including lettuces, greens, herbs, and eventually strawberries and mushrooms. This form of urban farming is effective and scalable, eliminating waste and pesticides, while providing local, organic-quality year-round harvest. The primary target market for the new business are large enterprises and communities, situated in remote and rural locations through Australia, such as mining and gas towns. A secondary market is aimed at a consumer facing retail presence.

The Distillery were approached to create a new name, brand and visual identity for the urban farming project.

The name and identity was to support the business’ position as a leader in urban farming solutions and agricultural technology in Australia.

After collaborative workshops with the client, the name ‘SproutStack’ was developed while considering things such as availability, catchiness, memorability and form. SproutStack was created with this in mind, and concepts that allude to growth and the shipping container itself. A tagline ‘GROW ANYWHERE’ was also developed, to emphasise the freedom, independence and reliability of a self-contained hydroponic farm.

The SproutStack brand was created, with a mark that incorporates two ‘S’, in the form of a growing leafy green. It is simple and instantly recognisable, whilst being suitable for both a enterprise and consumer facing level. The brand was implemented throughout stationery, painted cargo containers and through a responsive one page website.


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