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Flour Patisserie is a bakery and cake shop
opening within South Melbourne Markets.

With over 175 tenants and in proximity to
Southbank, the markets are a highly popular
destination for locals and visitors alike.

Branding • Packaging • Visual Merchandising • Digital


The Flour visual identity is driven by the key idea of a welcoming warmth, delivered in a playful, sugary-sweet style. This purpose built premises, provides all freshly baked products for our retail outlets and catering departments.

The modifications to this typeface intend to be a representation of ‘the sum of many parts make a whole’, much like the ingredients of baked goods. This is shown through the breaking up of type, and rounding off of “f” and “r” to ensure the tone remains sweet, and sugary.

Site History

Risky move to name your brand ‘Ol’Bastards’? Undertaken through a series of workshops, Danny, Matt and The Distillery evaluated the pros and cons of positioning with a strong, bold attitude. So what is an Ol’Bastard? He’s confident, stoic and proud. The visual language of the Ol’Bastards brand would walk the line of style and confidence; The quality of product would do the rest.


Visual Language and Packaging

A responsive website was also designed and developed by The Distillery, including a CMS and e-commerce capability. The website was designed with two main purposes; to be the home for online sales of the Ol’ Bastards product range, and to generate interest for potential stockist. To achieve this whilst reflecting the attitude of the Ol’ Bastards brand a focus was placed on championing imagery and product photography on contrasting dark tones.