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Confident. Stoic. Proud.
Ol’Bastards is a new range of men’s grooming products,
developed for a fashion-inspired lifestyle market.
Every great product starts with both a passion and purpose.

Branding • Naming • Packaging • Visual Merchandising • Digital


Appealing to modern men who value elegance and social influence, the Ol’Bastards brand has been patiently developed on a foundation of style, confidence and quality. Early in the business development journey, The Distillery were approached to offer strategic advice and creative services across a full spectrum of touch points.


Risky move to name your brand ‘Ol’Bastards’? Undertaken through a series of workshops, Danny, Matt and The Distillery evaluated the pros and cons of positioning with a strong, bold attitude. So what is an Ol’Bastard? He’s confident, stoic and proud. The visual language of the Ol’Bastards brand would walk the line of style and confidence; The quality of product would do the rest.


The word mark was implemented throughout the range’s different packages, with a heavy use of ornament and flourish. Finishes of foil and metallic inks are utilised throughout the packaging and stationery to contrast the tongue in cheek brand name, and to emphasise the brand’s attention to detail and luxurious qualities appealing to an individual with attitude. The brand was also implemented throughout a range of marketing material, art directed photo shoots and launch event collateral.

Digital Merchandising

A responsive website was also designed and developed by The Distillery, including a CMS and e-commerce capability. The website was designed with two main purposes; to be the home for online sales of the Ol’ Bastards product range, and to generate interest for potential stockist. To achieve this whilst reflecting the attitude of the Ol’ Bastards brand a focus was placed on championing imagery and product photography on contrasting dark tones.